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AnonCon 2017

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AnonCon 2017 Empty AnonCon 2017

Mensaje por Kurosaki.D el Lun 31 Jul 2017, 5:18 pm

AnonCon 2017 AnonCon_2017_poster_01_horizontal
We invite all clipmakers to take part in the new thematic competition on

Any self-made video clip based on films, games, sports etc., can be submitted to the contest. (only anime and japanese videogames are restricted). No restrictions on music styles and genres of video. No registration needed.

A special condition of the contest is the anonymity of the authorship of the clips.

1) Workshop times: 1 June – 1 September of 2017.
2) Submit deadlines: 1 August – 1 September of 2017.

1) The clip should not contain direct or indirect indications of its author. Mention of authorship should not be included in the metadata of the clip, its badge, poster, etc. In the case of non-compliance with the anonymity rule, the clip will be withdrawn from the competition and published as an ordinary non-contest clip.
2) The video has to be uploaded to the server according to the deadlines. Then the clip will be transferred to a special account for the contest.
3) The image (200x120), which shown on video page has to contain AnonCon 2017 in it.
4) You have to mention in video the following data: contest title AnonCon 2017, site URL It's up to participant how to do it.
5) The video clip cannot be less than 1 minute (not including the titles time).
6) Each participant is allowed to submit one video only.
7) Multi-editor projects (MEP) are also accepted.
Cool Immediately after the announcement of the final results of AnonCon 2017, all the contest videos will be moved to the accounts of their authors.
9) Links to YouTube, descriptions of videos and other information at the request of authors will also be added to the pages of the clips after the end of the competition.

Exclusive video rules:
1) We accept exclusive videos only, the ones which were not shown online before the contest.
2) It's forbidden to publish your video on other resources (including YouTube, Vimeo etc.) before the final results of AnonCon 2017. In case your video found on other website it'll be withdrawn from the competition and published as ordinary non-contest video.
3) After the final results at the AnonCon 2017, the video can be uploaded to other video hosting sites, but with the link to contest page at

Uploading process:
1) Create an account, if you haven’t one.
2) Login in.
3) Fill the uploading form (also choose the title of contest AnonCon 2017 at the contest field).
4) Once you have submitted your video through the form, only you and moderators will be able to see it. The announcement of the new video might be delayed to give the every video enough time to be discussed. If the video does not pass the check up or the moderators have any observations, you will see the message at your contest entry page.
Authors are given three days after the deadline to correct technical errors. If after this period the final version of the clip (with completely corrected errors) was not uploaded to the site, the clip will be withdrawn from the competition.

Videos that are NOT allowed to participate:
1) that contain indications of their authorship;
2) that were publicly demonstrated (YouTube or other resources);
3) that are made on Anime or Japanese videogames. For those there is a separate contests on a AMVnews and Across;
4) with visible compression artifacts;
5) that have low quality video or low resolution (320х240 or 352х288);
6) that contain inbuilt subtitles (hardsub), that are unrelated to the idea of the clip;
7) that contain interlace or incorrect aspect ratio;
Cool Letterbox videos;
9) videos with black fields;
10) that are violating the laws.

Recommended codecs:
• Video: H264
• Audio: AAC, MP3
It's recommended to use AMVSimpleGUI, 1ncoder or MeGUI for encoding. Look the following article for details: AMVSimpleGUI 4.0

1) Best videos will be decided by voting which will take place on the CreaSpace through special on-line form after last contest video demonstration. Contestants and jury (from active commentators and known clip-makers) has the ability to vote. There will be two tours of voting. In first tour finalists will be chosen. In second tour winners will be distributed along the places.
2) The contest video, that will collect the highest amount of points by jury, will be considered as a winner. There are three winners in the general nomination. The additional nominations are represented as well in case there will be more than 30 videos overall.
3) The opening of the voting of all juries at the end of the competition.

Registration for judging: through the private message to moderator or at the special invitation. The jury will also be anonymous, but the supervision of the refereeing will be stricter than usual. Moderators will not participate in the voting (because they will know the authors).

Criteria for selection in the jury (to have a chance to get on the list of judges it is necessary to approach one of the criteria):
- minimum comments at the videos: 100 + registration on the website no later than January 1, 2017;
- prize places, as well as victories in nominations at contests on or other contests, such as "Real Contest";
- presence in TOP-30 of global rating of clipmakers;
- special invitation from the organizers of the competition.

1 place – 3000 rubles
2 place – 2000 rubles
3 place – 1000 rubles

Gracias Oxide!!<3
AnonCon 2017 1482205490-aizen-sign-kurosd
AnonCon 2017 1398390348-signature-dante
AnonCon 2017 0976ecc4aab8c5e315a99f981c151dc9

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AnonCon 2017 Empty Re: AnonCon 2017

Mensaje por ProuDreamer el Mar 01 Ago 2017, 5:22 am

Interesante bro, gracias por compartir la info <3

 I love you Esencia De Iris :3

AnonCon 2017 2h6x274

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