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Darkio Hyoton
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Darkio Hyoton

Sáb 16 Ene 2021, 2:49 am
IC BF#8: WinterFell DU4dj4D
Hello guys, we're happy to announce you the new IC BF 8 edition WinterFell hosted by hatsuyo. I invite you to read all of the things below !


  •  It will begin 28th January 20:00 - 31th January 2020 23:59 (Paris Time) 

 Music Pack 

  •  The music packs will be released on Mega in #music-packs - There will be a link to download all packs 


  •   There will be 7 categories Action Drama Dance Fun Psyche Horror Romance Ranking There will be only overall ranking

For this edition, we have awesome judges : Redrum, Sakki, Kalink, Mello and of course Hatsuyo ! We'll be glad to get your entries  Thanks to them for being judge.
IC BF#8: WinterFell Fhbsrd6

friends I remind you that this edition is special! 

This edition I will only accept collab, the principle is simple : 

you register as a solo artist. And one day before I give out the music packs, I reveal who will be your partner! So, please, register only when you are sure to participate, so you don't put your partner in the shit, please! I hope that this will create new friendships and even love :3 

(teams will be randomly made of course) 

  • Your entry must be no less than 2:00
  • Intro and outro don't count in the entry duration 
  • The name of your entry have to be in this form : [Category] Author(s) - Title Example : [Dance] Hatsuyo & Sakki - Move Your Body Videos with logo, watermark or subtitles will not be accepted
  • Entries have to be sent to @Hatsuyo on Mega or Google Drive or Mediafire 
  • The maximum size is 500MB - The extension of your entry have to be in .mp4 or .mkv 
  • You can upload your entry on youtube without waiting the IC result
  • You can edit a music for another category Example : I can edit a music from drama pack in action 
  • Anime Footage or GMV or MV or something like that xD ONLY 
  • For any question, ask to Hatsuyo** So if you want to particpate, go #register !  Let's go guys, we hope you'll participate and show us what you can do ! PS : Go #countdown if you don't know exactly when the IC will start.

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